Welcome to the Official Website of AirBaltic Virtual

As of now, our VA is being developed and on our way to approval from the IFVARB


Who are we?

The Pride of Latvia

We are Air Baltic Virtual, showcasing the Latvian airspace in Infinite Flight. Our VA aims to establish a community that fits best for our members walking their way through aviation.

Representing Air Baltic

In the VA/VO Community of Infinite Flight, we aim to represent the national airline of Baltic so that Latvian's can feel at home.

Our Goals

We may be a new Virtual Airline but our passion flow faster than ever! We hope to become one of the Leading Virtual Airlines in the Infinite Flight Community. We will do this by setting a foundation with a leading example for others to follow, incorporating years of knowledge, experience & passion into vibrant and efficient technological facilities for all pilots.

Our Support & Dedication

We as a whole, continue to dedicate our time to care and run this VA. We are always there to offer a helping hand to our members in their daily life in aviation and flying.

What do we provide?

Server Activities

At BTVA Discord, we host regular activities, engaging our members such as Photos of the Week, Pilot Hours, Events, Battle of Aviation and many more.

Ranking Awards

BTVA has a wide range of awards available for our pilots. These awards can be achieved via flight time and events they have participated in.

Featured Routes

With the weekly ATC Schedule, our staff team create a wide range of featured routes with different mulitpliers that connect our VA with partners and the rest of the world.


Our staff team work with members of our VA as well as community members to make events for our pilots. This engages everyone with the VA and each other for a better BTVA!

"I come from Riga, Latvia. I have been living in Mozambique for the past 7 years which makes me miss Latvia a lot. With this reason, I decided to start airBaltic virtual (BTVA) to not forget my hometown's lovely scenery and to carry the Latvian pride in the skies of Infinite Flight."
David / Founder & CEO